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Getting drugs into festival

Getting drugs into festival

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13 Jul Take half of the wet wipes out, place your package inside, and reinsert the wet wipes (Fig. 2). Reseal the pack. “Now get your wet wipes, and put them at the bottom of your sleeping bag (Fig. 3). Roll this up, and use the side straps to keep it small. 13 Sep Despite the dogs, the warnings and the security searching you on entry and sweeping the campsites, people manage to get their pills and. plenty of ways to sneak drugs into a festival, an airplane, your parents house. This list is full of tricks for hiding your stash, but disclaimer: if you get thrown.

Right so I went to a festival at the weekend and while I was packing, I had a brainwave CLINGFILM. Clingfilm is air tight and forms a seal and. 8 Jul Nobody checks those and LOTS of drugs/alcohol get into festivals through the back door. If you know someone working as a tech/talent, get. 7 Apr 14 ways people smuggle drugs into music festivals. The crotch. Image: © Roderick Chen/First Light/Corbis. Taped to the leg. Travel a little south and some people on a different Reddit thread say that taping small baggies to the inside of your leg suffices. Shoes and socks. Image: Flickr, Magic Madzik. Hair. Wallet.

26 Sep So in honour of Vegemite Dick man, we've rounded up some of the dumbest festival drug stories from the last few years. Dive in — and please. 14 Jun - 9 min - Uploaded by Crystal Garcia Hey guys, whats up??? Welcome back to my channel!!!! Today's video, like promised, is. 10 Aug How To Sneak Drugs Into A Music Festival. So we get asked this in EVERY single stream and on every single music festival video, so in the. 1 Jun More commonly though, sniffer dogs just change the way people sneak drugs into festivals with each year bring new and improved methods. 24 Apr - 7 min - Uploaded by WhoaaNellyy This is in no way shape or form me saying that it is okay, or "cool" to do drugs. nor am i saying.

20 Apr This guy didn't bring any drugs into the festival, but his blasé Despite being frisked by a female guard, she still managed to get the pot. SNEAK DRUGS INTO FESTIVAL Do they pigs ask you to remove socks when/if you get searched because don't really want to get caught. Any help would be. When we get to customs, I'm gonna need you to take these seeds into the bathroom, and I'm gonna need you to put them waaaay up inside your butthole Morty. 29 May Regardless of how many countermeasures the cops wish to employ, people just keep on finding ways to get them into their favourite events.


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