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Geico possum commercial

Geico possum commercial

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In the new Foot Locker Holiday ad, NFL stars Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks show off the difference between a good and bad Christmas gift. Don't fake. Explore Opossum, Funniest Commercials, and more! A Pet Possum - Easier Way to Save - New GEICO got me Geico. Find this Pin and more. 20 Jul The GEICO possum commercial makes a good point that there are better ways to save money.

Have you seen that Geico commercial where the dad gets his kids a possum instead of a puppy? Pretty funny. PM - 14 Jul 17 Retweets; 8 Likes. @GoFishiye the playing dead possum geico commercial. PM - 9 Jul @ Yasturbator with the possum scaring the kids while the dad is grilling? Hilarious. GEICO advertising campaigns are known for using surreal humor and satire, often featuring . After the GEICO slogan is heard, the commercials end with " Why haven't you called GEICO?" Including Wonder Glue. .. a couple's living room. A man adopting a pet possum for his kids, as a cheaper alternative to a puppy.

This thesis was conducted to examine Geico's commercial possum.” The advertisement then cuts to a scene of two children in the backyard looking down at. This new GEICO commercial with the possum playin possum Hysterical. [ame=""]A Pet Possum - Easier Way to Save - New GEICO Commercial - YouTube[/ame]. 31 Jan Here's the commercial former NFL player Ickey Woods. I thought this was a brilliant commercial for the VW. Geico - Possum Commercial A. 20 Mar Its new Esurance brand commercials state that “seven and a half minutes could save you on car insurance,” a counter to GEICO's tagline that.

28 Jun Off Topic - Geico Possum Commercial - Originally Posted by 68/70Vette A possum was in my house. It was outside the kitchen door eating the. Geico Possum Commercial ~ For a Good Laugh. June 24, by Karen This post may contain affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you click. A Pet Possum - Easier Way to Save - New GEICO Commercial. furry lil'sharp-toothed rat! Geico AdClams must have run out of very stupid ideas for ".

11 Jun How many have seen the Geico possum commercial? It is great! I have seen possums do the exact same thing"play possum", and awake. 13 Jun Pretty good possum. Well fluffed and cleaned, based on those I've seen round here who resemble giant albino Zombie rats. The hiss is the. 17 Jan Flo has done a couple of riding commercials, but this new one is great! By the way, GEICO was 50% cheaper than Progressive for the same. 4 Jul We actually had a pet possum, came up to the porch when she was pregnant to eat the cat food, we left her alone as she was harmless and.


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