England and Scotland

10 members of the “Old Spanish Trail Association” recently visited Northern England and Scotland.  Judy and I were part of this group.  Our guide David Fallowfield is a member of the UK chapter.  His family history in the area goes back centuries and his genealogy includes the aristocracy and royalty.  His knowledge of the area’s history is complete and his circle of influential friends is amazing.   We began the tour at the Masonic Hall in Penrith where chapter president Bill Ramsay welcomed us.  The next 9 days we toured the country.  All the beautiful countryside is covered with grass, plants and trees.  There are thousands of sheep and cattle.   We saw a Bronze age (2000 BC) stone circle situated on top of a hill with a panoramic view of the surrounding valleys and mountains.  We visited Hadrian’s Roman wall. We saw the magnificent 7th century “Ruthwell Cross” with Latin inscriptions. The towns and villages are very old with medieval buildings. We toured Edinburgh and other castles and cathedrals.  We saw abbey ruins that are nearly 1000 years old.   Countess Strathmore joined us for dinner one evening.  Her castle likeness is on the Scottish 10# note.  She was kind enough to autograph each of our notes on the castle side of the note.  Our association president Ashley Hall would tell people I was the Great Grandson of the Sundance Kid.  I was surprised of the interest that Butch and Sundance got there.  Everyone loved the movie.  Some told me it was their favorite movie.  On the last night we had dinner with Lord Inglewood at his castle.  David Fallowfield invited about 15 of his friends to join us for dinner.  An archeologist and his wife and several others set at our table with us.  They too wanted me to tell them about my connection to the Sundance Kid and some stories and I happily did so. Of course I autographed a copy of my book Bringing Sundance Home for them.
After returning home David Fallowfield sent me this link.  It’s an article about our trip and my connection to the Sundance Kid that was published in the Cambria Crack.   I was totally surprised and delighted.

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